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Fashion trends this summer 2020 in Pakistan

Bari eid this year will be completely different from the ones that we have celebrated in previous years of our lives. We can’t have large gatherings of tikka party in Pakistan, infect all around the world. Maybe everyone thinks eid this year will be boring and not colorful at all. Many of you may have decided not to make new clothes this eid due to COVID 19. But we are forgetting one thing and that is among this entire calamity and depressing situation we need little moments of joy, small reasons of happiness to remind us the beauty of life, the pleasure that has been lost during the stressful conditions. Eid is a gift bestowed upon us from Allah to remind us that there is still hope and festivity still exists. Enjoy this eid with amazing colorful outfits and celebrate the colors of eid. We bring you the latest trends that are in these days in terms of colors and fashion so you can get an idea of what dress you need to wear this eid and what are the trending colors that need to be hanging in your closet. Let us take you on a colorful rise among the trending hues and fashion statements.

Trending colors

Summers in Pakistan are hot and humid so the colors should be selected accordingly. This Bari eid the weather will be hot so you should opt for colors that are cool to the eyes and make you feel fresh yet beautiful. Summer is the best time to wear clothes that are comfortable, cool, and bright in color. We have a lot of hottest new trends this year and we have filtered the best ones for you so you can decide what to wear this eid and which color is best suited. Go for bright colors this summer on eid. This summer we have seen beautiful and bold colors over all the brands. Get your wardrobe colorful or else you will be left behind in the fashion trend and look boring and dull. These days’ people are experimenting with bold colors and bidding goodbye to the old boring ones. Although a few months back dull and boring colors were trending people couldn’t enjoy it because nothing more could be done nor could they play with those colors. So they decided to switch to bright colors that they could easily mix and match and look fresh. Bold colors depict excitement and joy and make a person look all trendy and lively. You can pair anything with bold and sharp colors and look stunning. 2020 is all about multi-colored outfits with sharp and bright colors after all who don’t look bold colors and funky looks? Now bold colors and sharp tones have replaced the pastel colors. Bid your farewell to light dull and pastel colors and say hello to the bold colors in your wardrobe. In summers we don’t have to wear layers and layers of clothing so don’t be afraid to opt for brighter tones that are absolutely to die for. Make the brighter tones your fashion statement this summer and Bari eid. This summer lots and lots of new trends will be making their way into your closet so bid farewell to your boring old clothes.

Hot red

Say hello to hot red color this summer, if you don’t have a red in your closet it means you haven’t even started making your wardrobe colorful. Nothing can ever go wrong when you are wearing red. You can wear an all red outfit or mix and match it with another color such as white, blue, or a color of your choice.

Royal blue

Royal blue is another trending color this summer. This is a color that fits well in all seasons and makes you look fresh and dewy.

Coral pink

Pink undertone with peachy colors is talk of the town this summer. This is a very soothing and warm color that is lovely. This is a color that can be worn both at day time and night.


This is a color that will make the heads turn. You should add this bright and beautiful color to your wardrobe this season.

Forever white

Although white isn’t a bright color but this season it has been trending and selling like hotcakes. Everything and anything looks good in white. Pair your white kurta with a pair of jeans for fusion look or pair it up with straight pants and a colorful dupatta for a beautiful eastern touch.

Sunny yellow

Go for a beautiful warm yellow color this eid and pair it up with a beautiful contrast color to look fabulous this season.

Go for royal colors

This summer simple is not trending rather peopled love the bold and bright colors. You can opt for royal shades this season, especially for festive wear. Wearing royal colors is just like you are telling people that you are wearing a crown. After all royal colors make you royalty. Wearing royal colors make you look more confident and charming. Step out of your comfort zone and go for royal colors this season. This summer people are more inclined towards colors that are sharp, bold, and attractive. Wearing such color with a desi touch is all you want at the festivals. You can opt for a simple dress with a royal color and add up a piece of delicate jewelry to enhance the grace and charm. Wearing a royal color this season is trending like wildfire. Don’t feel left out and grace your wardrobe with a stunning royal dress to make you feel like royalty. You can make a heavily embroidered dress this eid with a beautiful royal tone to make you look fabulous and stunning.

Smaller the handbags the better

Who doesn’t like carrying a matching handbag with an amazing dress? This season mini or small handbags are trending. The big bags are out of fashion this summer maybe because carrying them was indeed a hassle. So this season opt for mini bags that would make you look stylish and you may be able to keep your essential things with ease. Whether you opt for a bright color or that of light color but just remember to buy a bag that is small in size and is very cute. Previously big sized bags have saved us because they had enormous capacity but what they lacked was delicacy and sophistic look. Carrying a small bag won’t only make you look sophisticated but also minimize the load of carrying a big heavy bag. You won’t stuff the unnecessary things in the bag because it contains a small space. Mini bags are not only cute but also compact and easy to carry. These mini bags may not be able to stuff many things but we all know it’s cute and look super funky. Small bags are the talk of the town these days. I believe no one wants to stay behind the trend so get yourself a small bag and bid farewell to the huge ones. Many of our celebrities are seen holding bags that won’t even fit their cell phone but because they are trending so who cares.

Go for desi jewelry

Since forever jewelry has been the best friends of women and even today our outfits look incomplete if we aren’t wearing a piece or two of pretty jewelry. Have you ever wondered why jewelry is a part of our everyday outfit? Well because by wearing jewelry the outfit looks more graceful and sophisticated. Wearing the right jewelry for the right occasion is necessary; you don’t want to feel awkward by wearing a piece of jewelry that doesn’t fit the occasion. The jewelry that you wear shouts out who you are. Wearing jewelry is just like adding an extra topping to your ice-cream. In 2020 desi jumkas and desi pieces of jewelry are trending. Wear a simple outfit and make it glamorous with the help of pretty jumkas or bangles. Desi jewelry is very affordable so you can buy jumkas and desi earring in every color and then pair it up with your favorite outfit. Similar is the case with bangles, you can buy bangles in different colors and then mix and match them according to the outfit that you are wearing. With fusion dress and western wear small studs are in fashion and statement rings and bracelets are trending these days.

Go for classy yet minimalist shoes

This season wear comfy and classic shoes because such shoes are always in fashion. This summer simple shoes are in whether flats or heels. With desi outfits, this summer khusas and kolapuris are on the top of the trends. Whether you are wearing a simple sophisticated shalwar kameez or straight pants with kurta, you are going to rock the look in a pair of khussa or kolapuri. These days beautifully embroidered khusas are available along with simple and plain ones. Select the ones that you like and you are good to go. For the girls who love wearing heels, these days plain and simple heels are in fashion, pair up your favorite dress with sophisticated heels. Other than those cute sneakers are also trending, they can be worn with both eastern and western wear. Sneakers look equally good with whatever you wear. They are not only comfortable but stylish and trendy as well. What we suggest is you should buy simple yet classy shoes because they not only look great but can also be worn with any outfit either casual or formal because classy shoes won’t restrict you because of their style or color.

Rock your look with ghararas and shararas

This season ghararas and shararas are back with a bang. Either formal or semi-formal everyone loves to wear them. Rock your eid dress with a pair of sharara or gharara. When we talk about casual wear this season gharara pants are in fashion. These gharara pants are flowy and make you feel relaxed and are a perfect fit in this hot and humid summer of Pakistan.  Buy white gharara pants because they can go with any shirt you like and if you haven’t worn one before now is a perfect time.

Banarsi prints for eastern wear

This season the most hit prints are those of banarsi and chunri. A few years back banarsi prints were confined to sarees and chunris to mehandis but this summer these prints are available for casual wear.  Such prints make you look every bit royal and beautiful. Add these elegant prints to your wardrobe and get a classy and a royal look. Revamp your wardrobe with the most trending colors and prints because these are favorite among the women these days.

 Fusion dresses

If you are among the girls who prefer wearing jeans or western wear then we would like to suggest you wear kurtas and flowy shirts. This summer there is a fusion of western meets eastern and result in cute tops and shirts that are perfect to be worn with jeans or dress pants. Buy a pair of jeans and buy several different types of fusion shirts and you are good to go. These days all the brands have launched cute fusion kurtis that have a funky and a classy look. If you are a university going student or a fresh graduate all you need to add up to your wardrobe are fusion shirts.

Classy organza trousers

We like to call the organza trousers, peek a boo trousers. The organza trousers are the talk of the town this summer. They are available in multiple sizes and colors, so you can buy them according to the shirt that you want to pair it up with. These are very affordable and come in a variety of different styles like cigarette pants and baggy trousers.  These trousers have strips of organza attached to them and give a trendy and sophisticated look. Buy yourself a couple of organza trousers and make your wardrobe trendy and fashionable. 

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